Feeling your flavours

Various flavoursYou’re a lovely mix of memorable sensations
positive vibrations, giving rise to temptations
All I could think of in my wicked imaginations
With your melting flavours, I feel a lovely mix and variety
all salt and sweet combined, sour and pungent refined
blending in much better, in London’s multicultural society
You’re like honey roasted peanuts, little salty and savory, but oh so sweet
You are like a perfectly mixed Caipirinha, all  flavours balanced in one
I’d love having you as my everlasting treat, you and me would be complete
I guess chocolate could characterise your lovely heart and honesty
your creativeness and talent, everything you do is so gallant
Chocolate eclair, both sweet and bitter – would you share one with me?
Strawberries are mostly sweet, a little sour and just as juicy as you
a flavor for the thoughtful and young at heart, let us never be apart
You’re a strawberry lover, cautious and committed, isn’t that true?
You’re a little bit vanilla, while taking calculated risks and setting high goals
our first meeting was not accidental, but you’re both experimental and sentimental
tastes preferences can change over time, like your thoughts about parental roles

Please give me a lemon smile, on your cheeks tasting mango
adore your alternating sour taste and your perfect sized waist
I love your oriental spices, let’s feel all flavours in our tango
You can also be hot like chilly, I like the fiery side if not too frequent
making me awake like and owl, and love you like a fool
can’t wait to feel the sweet & spicy taste, it’s been all but recent
Distinctive flavours that’s made to last
according to traditions from the past
live it for today
taste it today
we got nothing to lose, it can’t go too fast
A tiny cup of freshly made peppermint tea
could bring us together, making us see
what’s coming soon, what’s meant to be
You are delicate aged Champagne, with years of tradition
with sharp and distinct flavours, without any waivers
I can’t wait to have a sip, if getting your permission
Distinctive flavours that’s made to last
according to traditions from the past
live it for today
taste it today
nothing to lose, can’t go too fast
enjoy the flavours, while they last

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