Money money money


Money, money, money
it’s so sunny.. (opps, no..)
it’s so funny
in a rich woman’s world

I might got it wrong
but u don’t do such mistakes
so let’s continue this song
without assuming any fakes

You dad set the pace with his successful enterprise
a smart and ethical business is what he symbolise
Money blinded your mind, became your main focus
as young u want more, like your partners own locus

Money can also become a rat race
losing love, being an endless chase
Your money obsession might have slightly changed
banking culture backside, will it ever be exchanged?

Ok, I moved to London because of all business opportunities
I’m a entrepreneurial man, exploring various communities
I know London was always my ultimate goal
but when u got married, my heart got a hole

Money can make it easier to realise your dreams
Money can be a problem, used in banking teams
Money can open doors, otherwise closed
Money can create opportunities, often undisclosed

I understand family concern about the financial wealth
but getting older also mean more focus on your health
just so u know, if we ever going any further
a prenup is compulsory, guarantee preserver

I don’t want your money, I just want u
the money is a bonus, that is my view
and I’m not going to chase, let you set the pace
and right now I can’t wait to see your beautiful face