What if..?

beach in Comporta
Now, we are about 1234 miles apart
it would be 374 hours if you walk

It could easily have turned different
if both of us had started to talk

What if both made a bit more of an effort?
What if I stood there just outside your house?*

Would U have noticed me through the window?
What if your father didn’t confuse me about your spouse**

What if U invited me to meet the children?
Alternatively, what if I invited you guys over?

What if U didn’t say they are the only ones?***
Obviously, it made me take a marathon runs ****

What if U were still not in my head?
Almost every day, when going to bed

What if u enjoyed the sun like in Maldives?
Would it give u more energy again?

What if it takes 1-2 decades to see U?
I hope it might help your pen

What if waiting long enough bear fruit?
Wishing it works out in the end

* well, didn’t know the address even.
** together again or not?
** or that “I live for them now”.
*** even if I know U used it to empathise their importance, it was too much.