My One and Only Drug

Colourful pillsI have tried it all, everything to ever consider
no drugs or substance are there for me to reconsider
I just need to be one with the only harmless stimulant
In my youth, there was access to all kinds of pills
alcoholic drinks, herbs, meds and any type of trills
I even tried substances to increase my fitness and power
more than just tried, but it quickly ended in the shower
My only wisdom is that
No drugs can make me high
I don’t care, I don’t know why
Alcohol is not even fun
Drugs are not even on my list
You are my only drug, my only little bug
From waking up until going to bed
You’re always in my head, always in my head
Luckily, I don’t want any other drug instead
Fortunately, there are few negative health effects from love
this drug is more like a puzzle, without the tussle
My long distance drug only give passion
my drug is ever present, without adverse reactions
she give my brain the kicks, all desirable satisfactions
even if I now hope for a refashion
She is a drug too good to be made in a lab
She so far away, I cannot take a black cab
My drug is different, from all other drugs
exuding a constant high, without the thugs
she is too sophisticated, making me quit other pills
Prozac is now gone, and back are my emotional skills
I don’t need any fabricated drugs
nothing can make me high like you
high like you, in your natural look
I don’t care, that you don’t cook
just the thought of you can make me high
you’re the ultimate drug, I’m not shy
let me admit, I can’t deny
your my only drug I would beg to stay
the only drug I can welcome any day
the harmless drug with endless bliss
come over soon, give me a kiss

If I Were U

woman looking around
I know the change would add some spice
but I would surely think more than twice
about when and how, in steps or just now?
Damn, in some ways it would be genuinely hard
tougher than expectations, but I’d never leave u scarred
but maybe not as hard as u might first expect?
Anyway, u would never need to suspect
I’d give U endless love and respect
The less U expect, the more realistic
perhaps a bit focused on the hedonistic
A more beautiful couple would be hard to find
a more romantic, more loving, a better combined
There would be no infidelity involved
if required, our destiny could be resolved
I know our relationship would be stable
without any label, like a real life fable
It is a complicated story, but could have a joyful ending
for all parties involved, depending on the time we’re spending
I’m not going to lie, I’m not going to complicate things
I give no bedtime guarantees, just my heart and two rings
If I were U, the feeling would still be the same
I’d love me all over again, despite all the shame
I’m not joking, I don’t see this as a game
more like an extended story with some added confusion
If I were U, I’d love myself quite a bit more
staring in the mirror, a reflection I’d truly adore
but I’d not be able to stand my current relationship anymore
If I were U, I’d make us happen quicker
since our destiny cannot be any thicker
just further away, perhaps in another life?
I know we will always be around each other
drawn to each other, in one way or another
If expecting anything to happen, we must be more accessible
U know that communication is key, I cannot be more expressible
let’s not go round in endless circles, this may last forever
I’d not do anything irrational or risky, but never say never

Loving U is loving me

We got quite some distinguish similar appearance
such as similar skin colour, brown eyes and hair
what we can see is familiar, still a wonderful flair

I love myself, a bit too much some might say
I know you do too, in a kind of feminine way

It’s first when you truly love yourself
you can genuinely love somebody else

You are a lighter and prettier version of my quite dominant mum
while I’m of your dad, a Freudian dream is what we could become

still, we’re both mixed and while growing older
missing the primary roots on our other shoulder

Loving me is loving U
Loving U is loving me

our special love cannot be shared
and it can not even be compared
historical proof show it can only be stronger
more secure and peaceful, while lasting longer

Loving me is loving U
Loving U is loving me

our special adult couple love cannot be shared
our deepest feelings cannot even be compared

We have a better understanding of each other
And deeper and more natural connection
more true, passionate and real affection

Because the other part is so similar to ourselves in many ways
that’s why I believe such passion can grow, and always stays

Because nothing is impossible
get those words out of my ears
Because I don’t have any fears

I don’t care what’s wrong for others
as long as it optimal for u, the children and all of us
and as long as it can happen without too much fuss

Because.. you know it
Loving me is loving U
Loving U is loving me

our special love cannot be shared
and it can not even be compared

the deepest feelings are expressed in multiple ways
in poems, in writing, email and fiction they say

only because nothing can split us apart
only because we been so long apart
since you’re the only one in my heart
soulmates and my true counterpart

One way communication

One wayI find it rather boring with one way communication
it is soon time to reply and give you clarification

My behavior was surely not responsible enough
even if I know your words sounds like a bluff

So within a few days a formal apology will be sent
in the usual form, just not sure about the extent

I could never accept making you truly upset
it’s actually the only thing I’d forever regret

Because you’re the one I care most about
I love you to pieces, without any doubt

It hurts to not be able to communicate freely
our current situations are far from ideally

I guess you must feel similar with the current major task
still it feels a bit early to ask what I’d really like to ask

Guess time will show and end this sad one way communication
give us options for expression, and a sensational culmination

Where all expressions peters out in joyful explosion
so we both can express our deepest inner emotion

without some passionate interaction
there’s not going to be satisfaction

with all senses at hand
let’s see where we land..

Ich Liebe Dich

I love you
I love you pretty lady (ENG)
much more than words can ever say
since I first meet you to the final day

Ich liebe dich (GER)
Mehr als Worte allzeit können sagen
Jetzt, für immer, bis zu den letzten Tagen

Jag älskar dig (SWE)
från vi först möttes, till vårt sista andetag
kom hit nu, låt oss inte slösa någon mer dag

Jeg elsker deg (NO)
fra forste stund, til du tar en blund
Som rik eller fattig, uten et pund

Jeg elsker deg (DK)
Alt fra dine øjne, tanker til dit hjerte
men uden dig kan jeg kun føle smerte

Je t’aime (FRA)
Je ne pourrais jamais aimer quelqu’un d’autre
Je pense que notre amour ne peut que croître

Love don’t need language
love has no borders

love has no limits
love has no orders

and I will always love you
more than words can ever say

Since we first met
until our last day..

Love can

Love can

I undoubtedly see us like more than just mates
You know it yourself, but lets end that debate

A future together don’t always come overnight
It takes time, patience and love to reunite

I know what matters most to every sensible mum
Kids are priority even when the partner is scum

Haven’t reached all my goals yet, but it’s more fun as a team
hand in hand during life; are you ready to live out your dream?

Nothing is easy but in love you are two
Everyday is not about going out to Nobu

But as a loving couple, you should always stay true
And mark my word, I don’t go out for a late brew

When two join together and work with each other
Magic things happen, which wouldn’t with another

Love can build bridges, love can break hearts
Love can move mountains or create fine arts

Love can unite and even change the world
But how can you live without it?

Love will always find it’s own unique way
regardless of what other people tend to say

Love will always give a smile on your lips
and win against even the worst battleships

But without love, you’re just feeling like nothing at all
but perhaps.. it helps with some shopping at the mall?