Romantic weekend away

Venice channelI can almost hear you wish & say
Let’s take a little weekend away

Still wondering, am I just fantasising
or will my distant dreams one day be true?

Would love to book a romantic little trip
If ever going to Venice, I wanna go with you

On Friday – the divorce is approved
Can’t wait to get it all sorted

My ex already got a new ugly fella
she will be keen to matrimonio cancella

Unwanted Child

She sent me a message on Viber
about something I need to know

Her belly has been growing
Why did it take 6 months to show?

I’m not doing a Ronaldo
Let the lady handle it on her own

But first requiring a DNA test
Instead of accepting the unknown

It’s the last week in London
Before flying off to gambling city Macau

Then leaving the UK for Malta
No sight of U – so getting time to say Ciao

Ps. Negative result, all good!

Taking a break

It’s gone a while, quite a while
Unless you are a true Anglophile

Can’t take any further lack of reply
Soon have to move on, get peace in my life

Still can not avoid to wonder – why?
Do not exclude, u are mentally unstable

Quite confused and need to be lectured
So I’d spank you up, on a wooden table

But for now on, I will put this blog to rest
And wish you, all the best