The wait is almost over

Eggs and baconA year and a half,
Is what the whole divorce has taken

Got a letter from the court
Worth celebrating with eggs & bacon

Hope you are still single
And ready to be taken out

That we belong together
I haven’t got a doubt

Since you pay attention
To numbers and to dates

The 25th of June
Is when we legally separates

Ms. Tease, Oh Please!


Such a tease
Oh please, Oh please

Why are U such a tease?
Aiming for a gold medal in teasing?

At least you got a head start
but, I’m not gonna take part

Wish we at least said hello
It felt so awkward, kind of unexpected

A strange place for us to be reconnected
I don’t doubt you are busy, and on the go

Still wish we greeted, a little kiss or so
Guess I have to be more approaching
showing my wishes, in a balanced way

Are U waiting for a better chance to call?
I just don’t really know what to say

Except, Oh please
U are such a tease

I’m not in any rush
but I do have a crush

on U, I always had
but never told your dad

The little I saw
Oh yeah

Yes please
Well worth the tease!

Hope the wait doesn’t last too long
and wish I haven’t done anything wrong (?)

Since I’m soon out of ways to contact u..