Immortal Romance: Thinking of U

The brand new game
Makes me feel the same
Never been into playing slot
Dunno why, I’m just not!
But there is a game, that makes me higher
An endless adventure, with a dark desire
A mysterious saga of love that is forbidden
The star of the game, she is always hidden
Feels a bit familiar
A little sensation going on?
Starting slow and discrete
then appearing there upon.. *
Some days I really wonder
When & where have we met before?
Apart from when I was twenty four
In this country, or maybe offshore?
Bored? Try the video slot Immortal Romance (See YouTube video here)
*Ps. Hope to see u today at Royal China..
Posted on 02.7.15

U Can’t Hurry LOVE (or Divorce), Unfortunately

Some things just have to take their time
Unfortunately, you can’t hurry love

The only thing keeping me hanging on
Doing makeover of this Phil Collins song

The only thing giving me inspiration
And even business motivation

Is to one day this summer
Hold you in my arms

Just hearing your voice
When going to bed

I can’t promise when
But U are my Barbie

Let me be your Ken
So sorry this divorce taking forever

You can’t hurry love
Just please don’t say never..

Inspiration from this song: U Can’t Hurry Love by Phil Collins