Come Undone – I’m Leaving This Country.. for now :)

old man thinking
It’s been a really turbulent year
guess both are wishing it was all over.
Wishing that 2015 is already here
but anyway, it’s soon time to cheer (New Years!)
U know what?
I wanna see you right now
Before I leave this country..
Would love to get a wow (by seeing u)
Before I leave this country..
Can’t wait to touch u
and feel u all night long
Can’t wait to hear u
u know where u belong
So just come undone
I wanna run
to meet u
I wanna fly
to see u
but got no wings..
and don’t even know where u live
or what you now call home
my world is all monochrome..
but please, just come undone
U are my sun
the only one
U don’t need any kind of makeup
Stunningly beautiful, just like u are
Why don’t u just come over, undone
naked, or in your dressing-gown?
Grab a taxi, on the street
It can be our little secret…