Forward, backward to the side

train that's movingWhich direction are u going?
and where are our next stop?

Forward, backward to the side
now it’s time to decide

Forward, backward to the side
nothing is really specified

It quickly started innocent and gentle – all was straight ahead
But divorce is not something expected – when you are newly wed

Every intricacies are now solved
but there are many involved

So let me suggest a little stopover – an proper opportunity to speak out
I’m thinking about u nonstop – and would spend my life with u, no doubt

A way to show both are committed
meeting a cuz is always permitted

Especially when both selected divorce
meeting up now is the natural course

Check your email inbox
Let’s start to move ahead

Let’s finally meet up
plenty to catch up

Expecting a personal reply
can feel that u are nearby

I want to wine and dine with u
get to know the new Natalie

Because we are made to be together
to cope with the English weather

To support & strengthen each other
for me there never been any other

Forward, backward to the side
us as a couple, maximum diversified

Forward, backward to the side
visit Little Venice, the riverside

Confused, dejected and feeling down

Confused manKind of confused and tired of waiting
what in the world can I possibly do?

To sort out the divorce
I better talk to a solicitor or two

Using unreasonable behaviour
as my ground for divorce

She invalidated all my 5 reasons
and I can’t really force

Screaming my reasons are lies
but how to make it sound kind?

hmm, in the best case
I can perhaps make it aligned?

Feel free to step in, helping me out
cos I’m sick of all this

How are you doing dear, reached back home?
just want to give u a kiss

but right now..
Confused, dejected and just feeling down
There’s not much keeping me in this town..

How on earth do u make bad behaviour sound positive & kind
can’t really sort it out, am I out of my mind?