Ich Liebe Dich

I love you
I love you pretty lady (ENG)
much more than words can ever say
since I first meet you to the final day

Ich liebe dich (GER)
Mehr als Worte allzeit können sagen
Jetzt, für immer, bis zu den letzten Tagen

Jag älskar dig (SWE)
från vi först möttes, till vårt sista andetag
kom hit nu, låt oss inte slösa någon mer dag

Jeg elsker deg (NO)
fra forste stund, til du tar en blund
Som rik eller fattig, uten et pund

Jeg elsker deg (DK)
Alt fra dine øjne, tanker til dit hjerte
men uden dig kan jeg kun føle smerte

Je t’aime (FRA)
Je ne pourrais jamais aimer quelqu’un d’autre
Je pense que notre amour ne peut que croître

Love don’t need language
love has no borders

love has no limits
love has no orders

and I will always love you
more than words can ever say

Since we first met
until our last day..

Love can

Love can

I undoubtedly see us like more than just mates
You know it yourself, but lets end that debate

A future together don’t always come overnight
It takes time, patience and love to reunite

I know what matters most to every sensible mum
Kids are priority even when the partner is scum

Haven’t reached all my goals yet, but it’s more fun as a team
hand in hand during life; are you ready to live out your dream?

Nothing is easy but in love you are two
Everyday is not about going out to Nobu

But as a loving couple, you should always stay true
And mark my word, I don’t go out for a late brew

When two join together and work with each other
Magic things happen, which wouldn’t with another

Love can build bridges, love can break hearts
Love can move mountains or create fine arts

Love can unite and even change the world
But how can you live without it?

Love will always find it’s own unique way
regardless of what other people tend to say

Love will always give a smile on your lips
and win against even the worst battleships

But without love, you’re just feeling like nothing at all
but perhaps.. it helps with some shopping at the mall?