London Goodbye

– admin

It starts to be time
Saying London goodbye

You know the reason
So please don’t ask why

The only reason for ever staying
Was the chance to be with you

Following years of no replies
Starting to feel way overdue

Prefering safety & nice weather
Along with some decent medical teams

It must obviously be within the EU
Speaking English, there are limited regimes

Unwanted Child

– admin

She sent me a message on Viber
about something I need to know

Her belly has been growing
Why did it take 6 months to show?

I’m not doing a Ronaldo
Let the lady handle it on her own

But first requiring a DNA test
Instead of accepting the unknown

It’s the last week in London
Before flying off to gambling city Macau

Then leaving the UK for Malta
No sight of U – so getting time to say Ciao

A Bently per week

– admin

My latest project resolution
is making a Bently per week

Don’t care about cars or money
it’s great results that I seek

The thrill of completing
a venture of my own

is what makes me happy
despite living alone

After years of hard work
and many thought decisions

Feels like I’m soon there
completing my online missions

Taking a break

– admin

uk flag

It’s gone a while, quite a while
Unless you are a true Anglophile

Can’t take any further lack of reply
Soon have to move on, get peace in my life
Still can not avoid to wonder – why?

Do not exclude, u are mentally unstable
Quite confused and need to be lectured
So I’d spank you up, on a wooden table

But for now on, I will put this blog to rest
And wish you, all the best

Romantic Weekend Away?

– admin

Romantic Weekend in Venice

I can almost hear you wish & say
Let’s take a little weekend away

Still wondering, am I just fantasising
or will my distant dreams one day be true?

Would love to book a romantic little trip
If ever going to Venice, I wanna go with you

On Friday – the divorce is approved
Can’t wait to get it all sorted

My ex already got a new ugly fella
she will be keen to matrimonio cancella

Absolute Around the Corner

– admin

phones in a corner

Decree nice was granted
not very long ago

First I didn’t realise
First I didn’t know

There is even coming a final date*
how on earth can the process be this slow?

The final letter is called, a decree absolute
So can U please still wait, for your non singing Romeo!?

*7th of August, 2015

Ms. Tease, Oh Please!

– admin


Such a tease
Oh please, Oh please
Why are U such a tease?

Aiming for a gold medal in teasing?
At least you got a head start
but, I’m not gonna take part

Wish we at least said hello
It felt so awkward, kind of unexpected
A strange place for us to be reconnected

I don’t doubt you are busy, and on the go
Still wish we greeted, a little kiss or so

Guess I have to be more approaching
showing my wishes, in a balanced way

Are U waiting for a better chance to call?
I just don’t really know what to say

Except, Oh please
U are such a tease

I’m not in any rush
but I do have a crush
on U, I always had
but never told your dad

The little I saw
Oh yeah
Yes please
Well worth the tease!

Hope the wait doesn’t last too long
and wish I haven’t done anything wrong (?)
Since I’m soon out of ways to contact u..

The wait is almost over

– admin

egg and bacon
A year and a half,
Is what the whole divorce has taken

Got a letter from the court
Worth celebrating with eggs & bacon

Hope you are still single
And ready to be taken out

That we belong together
I haven’t got a doubt

Since you pay attention
To numbers and to dates

The 25th of June
Is when we legally separates

U Can’t Hurry LOVE (or Divorce), Unfortunately

– admin

Some things just have to take their time
Unfortunately, you can’t hurry love

The only thing keeping me hanging on
Doing makeover of this Phil Collins song

The only thing giving me inspiration
And even business motivation

Is to one day this summer
Hold you in my arms
Just hearing your voice
When going to bed

I can’t promise when
but U are my Barbie
let me be your Ken

So sorry this divorce taking forever
You can’t hurry love
Just please don’t say never..

Inspiration from this song: U Can’t Hurry Love by Phil Collins

I’m here

– admin

i'm here

If you crave some company
If you need some love
I’m here, I’m here

If you look for honesty
If you fancy transparency
I’m here, I’m here

I appreciate your patience
And admire all your bravery

In a couple of weeks
Let’s have something savory

Can’t wait to receive my decree nisi
and can’t wait to soon be free

Eat, work, train, repeat

– admin

Days are getting dull & routine
Trying to stay away from caffeine

A winter alone kind of making me eat
More than usual, a cholesterol defeat

Back to basics, get back in shape
Can’t we rather just escape?

Now it’s only..
Eat, work, train, repeat
Eat, work, train, repeat
Eat, work, train, repeat
Eat, work, train, repeat
Eat, work, train, repeat
Eat, work, train, repeat..

Inspiration: Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat by Fatboy Slim.

Sleepless nights

– admin

Giving up
not on U
On the rest
time to invest

Learning more
update my core

Email marketing, is the way ahead
while keeping down, all my overhead

Search enging ranking is coming slow
I really need to get some flow

Set-up another new company
helping me rank
Off to an exhibition
near the riverbank


Seeking a new wife

– admin

Pancakes with fruit

A lost Swede in London
Is soon seeking a new wife

Making better pancakes
That would save his life

If she is not cooking
At least company would do

Everything is better
When you join as two

Forgot to get ingredients
Toppings that would match

Taking whatever I got
I can’t see any catch

But if you were around
I’d work on it way more

Add strawberries and cream
Would pick it from the store

PS. Will send divorce proof whenever it might arrive.

Immortal Romance: Thinking of U

– admin

Woman with a book in Immortal Romance

The brand new game
Makes me feel the same

Never been into playing slot
Dunno why, I’m just not!

But there is a game, that makes me higher
An endless adventure, with a dark desire
A mysterious saga of love that is forbidden
The star of the game, she is always hidden

Feels a bit familiar
A little sensation going on?
Starting slow and discrete
then appearing there upon.. *

Some days I really wonder
When & where have we met before?
Apart from when I was twenty four
In this country, or maybe offshore?

Bored? Try the video slot Immortal Romance (See YouTube video here)

*Ps. Hope to see u today at Royal China..

My extended dream – wish it lasted longer

– admin

running in a dream

Recently woke up
from my extended dream

It felt so so real
reverse carpe diem

Had 14 hours sleep
fantasising about u & me

Woke up once, but wanted it lasting longer
took out my lenses, let’s agree

You were back in Sweden
hanging out with my dad

Touring around in Skåne
u seemed sneaky but glad

Could see all you did
but I could not even participate
somehow I was kind of isolate

Took quite a while until we got together
like in real life, waiting for decree nisi

but finally we went to a nice hotel
and at least the story ended well

Ps. Getting my decree nisi any day..

Fighting to survive

– admin

fighter in black and white

I’m thankful to be alive
Was fighting to survive.

Woke up on the floor
Ridiculously late in the afternoon
Gosh, I felt like hit by a harpoon.

Remember going up at 10 AM
taking lots of insulin for breakfast.

Mistakenly thought my sugar might be a little high
then fell asleep again, but when waking up
I couldn’t move and thought that I would die

Was lying there, knocked out on the floor
Wanted to scream, but nobody was indoor

On pure will power, I managed to almost stand up
Desperately reaching for a pack of Dextro sticks
Hitting everything around, like some lunatics
without lenses, in hope to give my life a fix Read the rest of this entry »

Rather be in 2015 now

– admin

2015 soon

I’d rather be in 2015 now
2014, lets just say ciao

Only a few hours of 2014 remains
I wonder what 2015 contains

Sorry for taking so long
hope you are getting along

Wish you the best for 2015
U & me is what I have foreseen